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"To shape, form or fashion”…

EXACTLY what we are doing with f.m.a. (Fashion, Music & Art)! Formo Magazine is here to provide you with a wide range of quality articles and stories covering a variety of fashion, music and art.....​

We are exciting the people in Texas and around the San Antonio, Austin, DFW & Houston communities with next generation fashion, music and art sense. Sounds interesting… RIGHT?

You better believe it! Customers will find that this mag mixes it up in ways relatively unheard-of for a common periodical. It will inspire the world with fashion, music AND art; all in ONE publication!........We like to think of ourselves as the signal standing out from the noise of the rest of the f.m.a. landscape.

Excited now? We hope so!

We, the people at Formo, hope you enjoy this magazine as much as we adore making it!



The Team


Jose Valdez Jr - Editor-in-Chief/President - (Right in Photo)

Kassandra Lozano - Assoc. Editor-in-Chief - (Middle in Photo)

Michael Gonzales - Photography Editor - (Left in Photo)


Cassandra Garza - Copy Editor/Staff Writer


Isabell Valdez - Human Resource Director

Joy Ponce - Executive Assistant & Web Consultant​

Britney Newman - Event & Fashion Content Consultant

Susan Ward Brooks - Makeup Artist Consultatn

Clarissa Garcia - Staff Writer

James Soto - Writer


Jesus Garcia - Writer

Advenio Models - Talent Recruitment

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